Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding Surgery for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and have tried different diets and exercise patterns without success, then the best answer to your problem may be in restrictive surgery. The most popular solution is known as Gastric Banding Surgery. Gastric Banding Surgery , also known as the "Lap Band" is a new and effective way to reduce the desire for, and intake of food without risky and invasive Gastric Bypass Surgery.

In this surgical procedure the surgeon uses a variety of techniques to reduce the size of your stomach. Through this surgery you can reduce the capacity of the stomach. This will help you reduce the amount of food that you consume.

During the gastric banding procedure, surgeons usually use laparoscopic techniques by using small incisions and long instruments, they will implant an inflatable silicone gastric band some thing like a wrist watch around the upper stomach area to form a small pouch that will control the quantity of food you can consume. The effect from the band is the patient will feel a sense of fullness on a small amount of food.

  • The primary benefit of gastric band surgery is the customizable weight loss the band can provide. By inserting the port, the patient's surgeon can quite easily insert or remove saline to adjust the width of the band.
  • Weight loss occurs slowly, at a healthy rate. The patient will lose approximately 50%-60% of their initial weight, over a consistent amount of time.
  • The procedure is reversible, unlike gastric bypass. Once the gastric band is removed, the stomach returns to its original form and function.
  • Since there is no stapling or removing of any parts, there is no change to the patient's anatomy. The patient continues to digest food normally, it is the rate at which food is processed that is now slower which makes the patient feel full faster.
  • The gastric band surgery as a weight loss procedure has less risks, fewer side effects and a shorter recovery period, not to mention less scarring, than other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and gastric bypass.

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